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No matter if you are just thinking of investing in shellfish farming, already starting a new project, planning an expansion or you have a well established ongoing operation, we can provide the right services for you helping to improve your business performance.
Scallop aquaculture, Oyster farming, Geoduck, Mussels, Abalone or other species ?  Let us know what you need by sending us an email to contact@newaquasolutions.com and we will be back to you in 24 hours for a first contact. Or if you prefer, just give us a call at +1 (250) 600 0184 (*) (see Who we are)
We work closely with our clients and guarantee absolute confidentiality.
(*) Please note that our local time is PST


  • Farm design, construction oversight and start-up.
Depending on the species you are growing, the size and location of your farm (land or sea), we propose the best design for your operation. We discuss it and review it with you until you are satisfied.
  • Hatchery design, construction oversight and start-up.
Shellfish Hatcheries might look similar, but the right advice in the design and equipment purchase can make a huge difference in capital investment, operations and production achievement. We discuss with you what you are looking for and we will provide the option that suits you better in terms of size and cost.
  • Hatchery operation and protocols evaluation.
Shellfish Hatcheries operate under the same principles, but not all of them have the same success. If you are straggling with your seed production or you are simply not happy with the hatchery performance, we can certainly help you. We visit you and carefully review your protocols step by step taking a very close look in situ of what can be improved. An expert fine tuning can make the difference.
  • Farming operation and protocols evaluation.
Farming is not about improvising or just letting shellfish grow by itself; the right procedures must be applied in order to avoid undesirable results. We visit your Company, make an assessment of your operation and give you our professional opinion. We can also help you to develop your specific written farming protocol.
  • Shellfish inventory audits, data analysis and forecasts.
Harvest quantities were less than expected? No surprise. Overestimations of inventories are more frequent than what you think. We come to your farm and carry out a complete on-site inventory audit applying strict sampling procedures. We analyze the collected data and provide a complete report of the farm status as well as a production forecast. Not being this enough, we help you to develop the right sampling and controlling procedures for your operation.
  • Inventory valuations.
How much is your inventory worth? We can help you to define the right procedure to determine the value of your inventory.
  • Shellfish processing plants design, construction oversight and start-up.
If you are planning to have your own processing facility or you want to make changes, upgrades or modifications, let us know.
  • Equipment purchase recommendation.
For the farm, the hatchery, processing plant or whatever you need it for, we can help you to find the right equipment at the right price  through our extensive network of suppliers.
  • Mooring design, calculations and construction oversight.
Successful marine designs are a blend of engineering analysis and practical knowledge. Designing for storms conditions, corrosion and transporting to remote site locations requires first hand experience on the ocean. We have this knowledge and experience. (we work with our related Company CR Engineering)
  • Small equipment design and construction oversight.
You want your equipment to operate correctly from day one. We work directly with your people who will be using the equipment to find a solution you are happy with. This experience, combined with design methods such as finite element analysis, results in equipment tailored to meet your need. (we work with our related Company CR Engineering)
  • Farming and Hatchery training programs.
We can deliver on-site training programs based on your needs.

    Aquaculture rEGULATIONS

  • Licensing process.
Leave everything in our hands. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the licensing process and excellent relationship with the Government Offices.
  • Compliance reviews.
If you need to review how well you are complying with regulations, trust our experience, discretion andconfidentiality.
  • Liaison with Government Offices.
If you don’t have time to deal with Government Offices or simply don’t know how to do it, let us do it for you.

   Aquaculture PROJECTS

  • Feasibility studies
Do you need to know if your project should go ahead, be redesigned or abandoned? Gives a call; we can have the answer you are looking for.
  • Business plans.
So, your project is feasible. Let’s sit together and tell us what you are looking at. We can help you to prepare your Business Plan.
  • Aquaculture investment advisory services.
Planning in aquaculture investment? Contact us and let us know what your plans are. We can help you in your decision.
  • Site selection.
A good site is not a guarantee of good results, many other factors count. But a bad site selection is a certainty of failure.
  • Regulatory analysis. 
Are you thinking of farming a new species or applying a new procedure? We can study your proposal and let you know if it is feasible.
  • Due-diligence.
Before you invest, you should have a comprehensive appraisal of the business. Please contact us.